Knutsen OAS

MAN Energy Solutions Norway

MAN Energy Solutions Norway is one of the oldest subsidiary in MAN Energy Solutions outside of Germany.

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MAN PrimeServ Norway

MAN PrimeServ provide an accurate and responsive level of service - 24/7, 365 days a year.

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MAN Marine Engines & Systems

50% of the global trade is powered by MAN engines.

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Energy-efficient fishing vessel solutions

MAN Energy Solutions has long and proud traditions with powering fishing vessels. We offer energy-efficient propulsion packages based on a century's experience.

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MAN Energy Solutions develops and manufactures dual-fuel engines that run on both gas and diesel fuel, which are based on our legendary diesel engines. 

MAN Energy Solutions Norway provides support in developing power plant projects and offers clean large bore engine gensets to complete powerplants. We offer the most extensive range of engines that operate on the widest selections of fuels, from fossil and bio oils to natural gas. Our technologies have the highest reliability and market efficiencies, with power plant startup in under 5 minutes. With our advanced technology and over 100 years of experience in power plant planning and construction, we are the ideal partner to create good power plant solutions for you.

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