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MAN Energy Solutions Norway

MAN Energy Solutions Norway is one of the oldest subsidiary in MAN Energy Solutions outside of Germany.

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MAN PrimeServ Norway

MAN PrimeServ provide an accurate and responsive level of service - 24/7, 365 days a year.

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MAN Marine Engines & Systems

50% of the global trade is powered by MAN engines.

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Energy-efficient fishing vessel solutions

MAN Energy Solutions has long and proud traditions with powering fishing vessels. We offer energy-efficient propulsion packages based on a century's experience.

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Service with passion

MAN Primeserv Norway acts as a link between ship owners and operators in Norway and MAN’s headquarters and service hubs located all over the world. We are here to help our customers solve any technical issues they may have and to provide them with necessary spare parts and service for the entire range of MAN’s product portfolio. With nearly 40 years of history as part of the MAN family, MAN Primeserv Norway knows where to locate the right resources to cater to your specific needs. 

Some examples of the services we provide includes:   

Technical Support two-stroke & four-stroke

  • Direct technical support
  • Liaison to MAN’s central technical departments
  • Provide general technical update to customers
  • Provide relevant service letters to customers
  • Promote available retrofit solutions
  • Arrange technical seminars
  • Arrange factory and facility visits at MAN headquarters
  • Communicate with MAN headquarters on behalf of customer
Through the global organization, MAN can offer an even wider range of services, covering all your needs. 

PrimeServ services:

  • Repair, reconditioning or replacement of damaged and worn out parts
  • Skilled engineers and mechanics with shipyard and sea going experience. All trained at the manufacturers' factories for quick trouble shooting and problem solving
  • Library of MAN drawings and manuals for the full range of MAN engines 

Engines expertise on:

  • 2-Stroke Diesel (B&W)
  • 4-Stroke Diesel Engines (Holeby, Augsburg)
  • UK (Mirrlees Blackstone, Ruston, Paxmann)
  • Pielstick Design
  • Propulsion Engines
  • Stationary Engines
  • Auxiliary Engines
  • Skid Mounted Generator Sets
  • Retrofits / New Installations
  • MAN Turbocharger (NA, NR, TCR & TCA)
  • MAN High Speed Nuremberg Engine (Genset, Propulsion, etc.)  

Turbocharger services:

  • Overhaul on board
  • Reconditioning cartridges
  • Delivery of overhaul kits
  • Overhaul of cartridges in our workshop
  • Repair of components
  • Technical back up   

Service solutions for power plants:

Our target is to keep operating costs as low as possible because they key to the competitiveness of the power plant. MAN PrimeServ offers the perfect aftersales packages for power plants and guarantees rapid completion of maintenance work and high availability of MAN products in operation.

Our high quality OEM spare parts have long effective lifetimes. Our competent service specialists ensure that your equipment will be back in service as quickly as possible.  

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